THIS JUST IN!: SES’s New Picks For 3-6 Yrs!

A couple more BRAND NEW goodies to get you through the day!

SES 3-6

Threes to sixes are the best years – it’s when kids start to notice the world around them, seeking great delight in mimicking grown-up activities and reenacting daily scenarios. It’s also when self-esteem becomes critical in learning – which in turn determines a child’s level of interest between one thing and the next.

Today, we’re reviewing these 2 new picks from SES Creative because we think they’re excellent in building confidence and sequential thinking over varying skill levels. It doesn’t matter if your little one just picked up the activity or is already pretty nifty at it – these sets allow them to chart your own course, making play as challenging as they want it to get!

SES 14613

Japan isn’t alone in recognizing origami as a fantastic developmental tool. This ancient art of paper folding is well-known for its transferrable applications to the modern-day classroom – particularly in the areas of geometry, fractions, problem solving, logical thinking and even Science. But of course, your little toddler doesn’t need to know that. Instead, encourage them to focus on folding, twisting, swivelling and creating – origami excites spatial perception as well as logical and sequential thinking; and is excellent in helping budding minds comprehend, characterize, and construct their own vernacular for the world around them.

This Origami folding set is specially conceptualized for our threes-to-sixers, with 3 varying levels of difficulty that supports tiered learning as they progress from one stage to the next. The papers are individually illustrated with facial features and basic detailing that add the perfect touch to your completed origami creations – giving your little ones that added motivation to see their projects from start to finish!


SES 14616

You got us. We have a thing for lacing toys. But only because of all the developmental benefits that come pegged to it. It’s a sure-fire way to hone fine motor, visual perceptual, visual motor and cognitive skills; and to help young minds become more organized thinkers and acute planners. Lacing also provides opportunities for little ones to practice their tripod grip, helping them with pencil grasp and control in school activities- in other words, a simple activity that goes a long, looooong way in shaping how our lil ones develop and function as grown-up kids.

If you think embroidery isn’t quite something your three-year-old might be ready for, this set might change your mind. The needle is made thicker, more blunt, and with a wider eye than the normal needle – and even comes with a threader to make threading easier for unfamiliar fingers.

Encourage structure in your child’s lacing patterns to develop sequential and visual perceptual skills- this activity can be made easier or harder simply by altering the way you lace these animal cards, making it perfect for your tots regardless of their lacing skill level!



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