THIS JUST IN!: SES’s New Picks For 1-4 Yrs!


Brace yourself, creators – we just received our latest goodies from SES Creative, and things are starting to look reaaaal epic around here. For starters, we’re back in stock with everyone’s favourite play dough and finger paints (super-washable, non-toxic and tested as safest in the world!); but of course, we all know what everyone really came here for… so here’s the first of our series of new that just reached us this this week – gathered especially for the youngest ones of our lot!

SES 14421

Painting without the spills and fuss? Yes please!

Gone are the days you’ll have to wrestle art materials out of the hands of your 12-month-old – this activity set requires nothing but water to get going, and is as safe as art and crafts can get for our littlest ones. Complete with a safety brush designed specially for little fingers, all you need to do is wet those bristles with water and paint freely over the cards…. and now watch those colours magically start to appear!

It’s a definite confidence builder for our first artists, gearing them with the assurance they need to move on to more advanced art techniques with enthusiasm and aplomb. The best part? These cards are reusable – the colours disappear again when the cards dry, making this a very nifty activity that your kids can revisit time and again!

SES 14414

Here’s a fun way to discover basic shapes and colours: this brand new finger painting activity set incorporates first concepts into art, allowing little ones to learn and discover through simple hands-on play. Circles are used to represent apples on a tree; triangles as petals of a flower… for added play value, start with a fresh piece of paper and encourage them to perceive everyday things in squares, hexagons, circles, and more; and watch as their creativity starts to take shape!

SES 14425

Here’s another confidence booster that’s a definite must-have for budding artists. The cards in this set are made with a special surface varnished with spot-paint, allowing kids to colour ‘within the lines’, even when they don’t. This means perfectly finished works of art even if your colour pencils drift off course every once in a while – just take a look at the video below and you’ll get exactly what we mean!




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