THIS JUST IN!: 5 New Djeco Crafts to Look Out For!

Djeco’s brand new shipment has left us in a creative overdrive!

If you’ve got a keen eye for brand new play things, you’d want to stay tuned all this month as we dish out some of our latest and greatest from Djeco’s summer shipment!

This week, we share our top 5 picks from Djeco’s craft range: got a pair of fidgety hands on deck? Pick up one of these wonderful kits and make something out of that restlessness today!

#5: Felt Pictures Workshop Kit: Sweet Nature (3-6 years)| $19.90

9864If looking for appropriate crafts for your little ones are proving a challenge, this Felt Pictures Workshop might just do the trick! Simply search for the right felt stickers to paste on the four animal pictures provided, and superimpose them on for a lovely tactile work of art! A wonderful project that delivers a real sense of satisfaction upon completion!

9864 2

Set includes:
4 pictures, 115 self-adhesive felt stickers

#4: Moving Pictures Workshop Kit: The House of Horrors (4-8 years)| $29.90Djeco 8972

One of the most creative things to make with thumbtacks are moving pictures, and this Djeco craft kit will equip your little creatives with the right know-how to create moving portraits beyond their wackiest imaginations! With four horror-themed scenarios to complete and an instruction booklet that will guide them every step of the way, little ones will be excited to apply this brand new technique in future craft projects!

Djeco 8972 1Djeco 8972 3.jpgSet includes:
4 template cards, 4 envelopes of miscellaneous collage pieces, 1 glue stick, 1 instruction booklet

#3: Iris Paper Folding: Birds (7-13 years)| $19.90

9443The art of Iris Folding is done by arranging and layering strips of paper in a spiraled pattern that resembles the iris of a camera lens – which is exactly how the craft got its name!

9443 2While it might look complicated, Iris Folding is actually pretty easy and even a little addictive! This bird-themed papercraft kit will introduce older kids to the ins and out of this unique technique, guiding them with 4 whimsical templates to complete. A perfect craft technique to pick if you’ve got a serious crafter in the house!


#2: Embroidery Workshop Kits: Fashion Midnight & Fashion Cocktail| $44.90 each

These all-new embroidery kits are an inspirational introduction to the world of needlework: Fashion Cocktail (top) teaches the use of embellishments like threads, sequins and beads to pretty up fabrics; while Fashion Midnight (second) encourages the application of patterned stitching to add a splash of whimsy to your embroidered designs.

9842 2Both kits come with a detailed instruction booklet that will guide those steady fingers through; don’t forget to put up your beautiful work of art in the classic round wooden frame provided!

#1: Sewing Workshop: Embroidered Brooches (7-13 years)| $29.90


This craft kit has got to be our top pick of the lot this season! From the whimsical animal pendants to the generously stocked contents in this box, you have all you need to embroider the most creative brooches you can think of!

9846 2If you haven’t got any ideas up your sleeve, fret not! The detailed instruction booklet in this kit provides you with all the inspiration you need to kickstart your creative gears – pick one design to follow and pretty soon, you’ll be crafting out your own masterpieces with little to no guidance!

A perfect touch of personalization for bags, hats, scarves, clothes, and pretty much anything else you can pin this on!


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