PlanToys’ Featured Series of the Week #4: The Essentials


It’s Time to Stock Up on the Essentials!

Our final instalment of ‘This Just In’ features the Essentials Series, PlanToys’ biggest release of the year!

True to its name, the various sets from Plan’s Essentials range are designed to target specific early developmental skills, baring down on colours and complexity to be as straightforward in purpose and function as possible. Each toy serves to develop a very specific skill set; and across the range, you will notice a clean, organic Montessori method to learning, which encourages multi-sensory and independent learning along a more natural developmental trajectory.

With more than 10 learning aids to choose from, navigating the Essentials can be tricky; which is why this week, our in-house early childhood specialist-in-the-making, Rahmuna, joins us and highlights her favourite learning aid for each age category and explains why. Don’t forget to check out the videos to watch these toys at play!


“The Essentials critically engage a child’s sensorimotor skills. It gets children to focus on honing specific skills at each time; and help them learn more independently through meaningful, hands-on experiences.”
– Rahmuna

The Essential Series : 12 months

Rahmuna’s Pick: Stacking Wheels 

“There is more than 1 way to manipulate the resource, and this in itself gives room for self-directed exploring and hands-on experimentation.”

Think there’s only one way to stacking these wheels? Think again!

The quickest way to understanding the true wonders of this toy is to watch the video above. As simple as it looks, this isn’t yet-another-PlanToys-pull-along. Rather, it is a concept that can prove to be extremely nifty in shaping inquisitive learning through play. Encourage your tots to explore various ways of stacking – the rope can be tied to any sized wheel piece, which allows for a little Physics to be incorporated for a more spontaneous cause-and-effect learning adventure.

Other Sets in the Essentials 12-mth Series:

The Essential Series : 18 months

The 18-month mark is where you find your little ones in a constant readiness to learn. Creating an optimal environment for learning at this point is crucial, as it is where first learning behaviors are shaped as our little ones start to notice the environment around them.

Rahmuna’s Pick: Trio Stacking

“In the early years’ classroom, the Trio Stacking set acts as a hands-on and interactive medium for children to construct their own understanding of numeracy concepts. As they manipulate such concrete materials, they get to see, make inquiries and clarify their thoughts to extend their own learning while sorting, ‘order-ing’, and stacking.

I find this learning aid highly appealing and successful in inciting a sustainable curiosity amongst children as they begin to make sense of the world around them.”

Check out the other Essentials learning aids in the 18-mth category, which also include some really good Fraction Blocks!

The Essential Series : 3 years

Rahmuna’s Pick: Lacing Board

“Lacing activities set the critical foundation for a huge part of cognitive development in later stages. For instance, pincer grip and three jaw chuck aids penmanship, eye-hand coordination refines agility and focus; the required concentration also goes a long way in enhancing attention span.”

More than that, the Essentials Lacing Board also encourages strategic planning and creative thinking: little ones can create simple scenes and objects out of the shapes provided, or even lace the pieces on top of each other!

Other Sets in the Essentials 3-Years Series:


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