PlanToys’ Featured Series of the Week #2: Mini Games On-the-go!

It’s half the size, but twice the fun! This week, we give the full scoop on PlanMini™, PlanToys’ newest range of toys that are perfect for fidgety fingers and on-the-go fun!


From classic spinning tops and building blocks to PlanToys’ very own award-winning Balancing Cactus, PlanMini™ features minimised versions of evergreen toys that will keep both you and your little ones occupied, whether you’re in commute or stuck at work behind the desk!

The range currently consists of Construction Set, Pick-up Sticks, Mosaic, Spinning Tops, and Memo Game;  but our favourite pick by far has got to be the Balancing Cactus. For those who haven’t quite heard of the original, Balancing Cactus requires you to build a cactus by adding on different-sized (and hence, weight) pieces onto its stem – all without toppling the entire structure. Almost instantaneously, you’ll learn about balance, weight distribution, and centre of gravity – yes, even if the little ones may not know these terms, they’ll be quick to grasp the concept in no time. It’s Introduction to Basic Physics on-the-go!

(Psst, the size of this bestseller may have been downscaled, but the challenge definitely sure hasn’t! In fact, we happen to find this one a wee more brow-furrowing than the original!)

It Retails At…
$14.90 each

It’s Great For Ages…
3 years & above.

Why We Love It…
With PlanMini™, play time happens anytime, anywhere! These are games that are classic and timeless enough to appeal to just about anyone (no fussing or fretting if you’re getting it as a gift!); which means it’s self-explanatory and will pretty much do the trick whether you’re buying them for a child, an adult, or yourself (wink).

Also, these tiny tin cans measure in at only 7cm, meaning it will fit snugly into any carryall you’re toting about – it’s almost weightless! A perfect grab for all those dull, in-between moments or when you need a break from technology!


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