PlanToys’ Featured Series of the Week #1: Acrobats!

It’s always blue skies ahead when we receive a delivery from PlanToys! Stay tuned to The Better Blog this month because we’ll be highlighting all our favourite new picks from their latest range every week – beginning now!

Here comes the full suite of acrobatic fun!


Everyone knows the Jumping Acrobat (who was so fantastic he snagged the prestigious German Red Dot Award in 2016), but have you met his friends?

The Riding Acrobat

We must tell you, this one is way more challenging than it looks – and your kids will LOVE IT. Maintain the balance of this acrobat by controlling the tension of the wire between both points: you can either have one point attached to a stationary fixture, or make it a cooperation activity by having two people do the job, one taking each end of the string. #teamwork!
The Rope Climbing Acrobat

This is classic Physics at play here: Simply fix the top of the rope onto a surface (or just hold it in your hand) and start pulling away! As you do, this nifty little gymnast will shimmy himself up to the top! Up for a race? Get two of these and challenge a friend!


The Weightlifting Acrobat

We don’t mean to play favourites, but this one has definitely got to be our pick of the circus! At its most basic, little ones simply need to swing the pendulum in tight circles in order for the acrobat to lift his weights; for older, more inquisitive kids, get them interested in physical concepts of momentum, force, and gravitational pull. The faster you swing the pendulum, the quicker the acrobat lifts his weights. Why? Get those buzzing minds to figure it out!

It Retails At…
$29.90 (Jumping Acrobat & Riding Acrobat); $19.90 (Rope Climbing Acrobat & Weightlifting Acrobat)

It’s Great For Ages…
3 years & above.

Why We Love It…
PlanToys’ Acrobat series are excellent cause-and-effect toys at play. Not only do they encourage visual tracking, tactile discovery and hand-eye coordination, they’re also powerful motivators for older kids to make cognitive connections between basic Physics concepts and the fun at hand. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!


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