2016 BAZAAR JUNIOR Toy Awards Wins: 7 YEARS & ABOVE

Ushering in the Lunar New Year with our final round of winners from Bazaar Junior Toy Awards’ 7 Years & Above category!

Selected for its age-appropriateness, play value, and specific developmental benefits, Bazaar Junior’s panel of mummy & child judges got together once again as they put an extensive range of toys to the test and picked out the top performers for 2016.

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2016 BAZAAR JUNIOR Toy Awards Wins: 7+ YEARS OLD 

8The famous game of Backgammon is simplified and re-imagined into a jungle setting in this beautiful Djeco remake; allowing budding minds to ease into its classic game strategy with just the right amount of challenge.

Starting at different ends of the board, players strategize to move all their monkey pieces safely from start to finish – but be careful! The wrong move may just send it right back to the starting line. With experience, players develop a more acute sense of foresight and strategic thinking in order to always stay one step ahead; as well as better decision making abilities so as to optimize the result of their dice throws.

Backgammon is part of a range of classic board games redesigned to stimulate learning through play in a world inspired by artistry and imagination. The collection is both educational and entertaining, and is perfect for awakening youthful curiosity and creative thinking.

6Age has no advantage with this Sardines Card Game, an intensive memory game with a twist!

Players are only given 10 seconds to memorize from the crowded ‘Sardine Can’ card before flipping it over. Then, looking at their own hand of 5 cards which shows one sardine each, they need to recall just which of these were in the Sardine Can. Sounds simple enough? These sardines look deceptively similar to each other, and will continue to muddle minds and memories as game play builds up!

As with all memory games, Sardines is great for keeping the mind agile and improving many cognitive skills including the ability to perform acute observation under restricted time frames. It is also a fantastic platform to train lateral thinking as, over time, children will subconsciously develop their own unique ways of getting around the game (such as memory by association, or repetition, or training their visual memory).

7In the king’s court, more tall tales are being told than players can shake a stick at! The cat cook sometimes likes to pretend to be a princess pig, and it’s not uncommon to hear the frog-legs minstrel crow like a knight rooster. The only thing players can be sure of is that the animals are not always who they pretend to be – and the only way to come out tops is to get away with bluffing, and be able to catch people out when they do. If players want to go far in the king’s court, they have to know a story when they hear one and be able to keep a straight face when telling one of their own!

As with all bluff games, Flunkerkönig is excellent for developing emotional intelligence and the ability to not only read body language and expressions acutely, but be conscious of your own as well. A critical life skill that is easily transferable into the real world, mastering the concept of this game means being able to handle the real world better in terms of handling your own emotions, being sensitive and aware of other people’s feelings, and of course, having a good sense of when someone is trying to pull a fast one on you!

Flunkerkönig is easy to teach to all ages 6 & above, generally short and quick, and based entirely on social interaction. Older and more advanced players may even find opportunities for ‘teamwork’, and can be a real electric experience for all around the table. Peals of laughter, cries of mock anguish, and great deal of fun is guaranteed with the likes of this golden game!

1Goki’s Tricours is a game of skill that may be for the adults as much as it is for the children. A cooperation game that supports coordination and motor development, Tricours is best undertaken with 3 players. Each player takes a side – and the goal is to guide the ball along a specified route right into the correct hole at the end. Careful though – with holes lurking everywhere, even the smallest wrong move will cause the ball to be led astray and into the abyss!

Tricours is a spontaneous family game that will inspire team work, communication, and social skills. Children will love working together with their parents and siblings as they try hard to coordinate and control their movements. With a strong emphasis on collaborative play and not competition, this classic cooperative game of skill will encourage positive participation, challenge, and fun that is not related to the concept of defeating others.


Another golden title from HABA’s line of exciting and educational board games is Pirate Arithmetics, a tactical collection of treasure hunting games for all math-savvy pirates.

Complete with three variations of play and different levels of difficulty, kids can hone their addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills in this versatile compendium – all while having actual fun with Mathematics. Other skills that get called up for play include memory, observation, and speed reaction; a testament once again, to the fact that HABA is the true inventor of games for inquisitive minds.

2This Silk Scarf Painting Workshop from Djeco is one of the brand’s freshest art projects on the block, and contains everything you need to create your own luxurious Japanese-inspired silk scarf. Using the unfolded box as a frame, hold the scarf in place by first stretching it over the box and then securing it with the pearl-tipped pins provided. Let magic unfold right after with your paintbrush and inks, as you will discover soon enough that the pre-printed contours of this silk scarf prevents your paints from spreading out of the lines; resulting in a beautifully finished work of art that will bring life to any fashion ensemble.

A unique art project that is best kept for the older ones, this beautiful Djeco workshop comes with a detailed instruction booklet that will guide you every step along the way. Beginner artists may refer to this nifty booklet for inspiration and be well mentored through the process; while expert painters and designers are free to explore their own ideas and create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. As with all Djeco art workshops, this Silk Scarf Painting series is a collaborative effort between Djeco and various established artists to introduce children to specific tips and techniques unique to a certain medium, leaving them equipped with the right skills to explore further in an unstructured environment after.

3Family time that is spent playing together marks the beginning of many priceless memories. As part of HABA’s Take Time to Play Campaign, families were encouraged to unplug, push aside their electronics, and refocus their attention on sharing lived experiences with the ones they love most. The brand’s line of innovative toys have brought families together across generations, helping many rediscover the power of play through its boisterous games and creative activities. And this Terra Kids Dinosaur Assembly Set is one prime example of all that.

Terra Kids is HABA’s line of unique and interactive toys that encourages learning through exploration, discovery and adventure. With innovative engineering and functional design, the range includes fun and fully usable kits and gears for all ages, from simple outdoor equipment to challenging experiment sets and craft assembly kits.

This Dinosaur Assembly Kit, which requires building from scratch, incorporates the STEM learning approach in its play process. A great tool to develop building and problem solving skills, inquisitive minds will love taking on this project and diving right into prehistoric times as they piece together their very own Flying Dinosaur Mobile. The process of building in itself, acutely explores all four disciplines of the STEM method, which seeks to take on science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an inter-disciplinary and applied approach; integrating them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on applicable, real-world situations. It plants the seed for learning through inquiry and exploration; pushing nimble minds to develop a natural love and enthusiasm for hands-on, minds-on activities.
More than just learning, HABA’s Terra Kids Dinosaur Assembly Kit will prove a fun weekend project that can be undertaken by parent and child, providing a platform for quality bonding time that contributes to the child’s social and emotional development in the long run.


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