2016 BAZAAR JUNIOR Toy Awards Wins: 12-36 MONTHS

We’re starting the weekend right again with our winners from Harper’s Bazaar Junior Toy Awards!

Selected for its age-appropriateness, play value, and specific developmental benefits, Bazaar Junior’s panel of mummy & child judges got together once again as they put an extensive range of toys to the test and picked out the top performers for 2016.

This year, Folkmanis’ Grunting Pig Hand Puppet and Djeco’s extremely adorable Little Cooperation Board game struck wins in the 12-36 months category – a true testament to our belief that for our children, only the best is good enough.

Stay tuned next week as we continue to dish out more winners from the other age categories!

2016 BAZAAR JUNIOR Toy Awards Wins: 12-36 MONTHS

FM Grunting Pig.pngFolkmanis is the most award-winning specialty puppet company in the world. Their creations encompass the simplicity needed to cater to children puppeteers, and yet maintain the immaculate detailing and design expected from top-quality puppets. Life-like in both appearance and personality, Folkmanis’ multi-award winning stage puppets are perfect for fostering language, imagination, socio-emotional development and self-expression.

Folkmanis takes innovation to a whole new dimension with the introduction of this squealing Grunting Pig Hand Puppet. Equipped with a realistic sounding grunter, simply give a tight squeeze to his pot belly and witness the hilarity that ensues! This unique puppet sports a delightful silky soft plush of pale pink with grey patches; and along with a workable snout, mouth and front trotters, its curlicue tail can spring to life with surreptitious flicks of the finger. Cradle this lovable farmyard friend in your arms to puppeteer with one hand, while the other gently squeezes him to produce happy squeals. Have fun practicing in a mirror to amaze to delight your little audience!

DJ Little Cooperation.pngCooperation is most effective when all parties involved share a common goal – even if they have differing perspectives on the best way to achieving it. Djeco’s Little Co-operation Board Game not only acknowledges this fact, but seeks to shape its play rules around it.

With the concept of collaboration at the forefront, all players have to work together in this game to get the animals across to the igloo safely before the bridge collapses; and this is done through dice throw and letting the symbol shown determine what step to take next.

While competitive play is good for individual learning, cooperative games have also proven imperative for social growth, contributing to the expansion of a child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities. The concept of winning and losing together is also excellent for shaping a sense of individual responsibility, positive interdependence, and behavioral flexibility; and can help them cope with unpredictable circumstances in a healthier and more effective manner.


Don’t just play smart – play Better.

We’re rewarding Better decisions all this month. Simply grab a winner from the list below and enjoy 17% off any second item* in the store!

*Second item refers to that of equal or lower value.

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