STEIFF OF THE MONTH: 2016 Steiff Christmas Treasures!

This Christmas, only the best is good enough.


Steiff  delivers Yuletide magic again this holidays, with eight beautiful Winter Limited Edition releases that will warm hearts and homes alike.

Amongst them lies Balthasar, the long-awaited third and final instalment of the Wise Men Teddy Ornament Series; everyone’s favourite Christmas couple; and even a grand Nativity Scene that will take us all back to the beginning…


Left: STEIFF Mr Claus Teddy Bear
SGD249 each

| 2016 Limited Edition | 1,225 pieces worldwide |
| 14cm | cinnamon-coloured mohair | 5-way jointed |

Right: STEIFF Mrs Claus Teddy Bear
SGD249 each

| 2016 Limited Edition | 1,225 pieces worldwide |
| 14cm | cream-coloured mohair | 5-way jointed |

The festivities are never complete without the attendance of our beloved holiday ambassadors! All decked out in traditional red-and-white jolly, our couple of the season is crafted from the finest Schulte mohair, and is designed with wool felt paws that are luxuriously soft to the touch. Their twinkling eyes and chestnut-stitched features will earn them a place in hearts on first sight; with an everlasting charm that will shine for generations of Christmases to come.

 photo STEIFF 021671_zpsugmdyamr.jpg

STEIFF Christmas Teddy Bear
SGD549 each

| 2016 Limited Edition | 1,225 pieces worldwide |
| 28cm | silver-coloured mohair | 5-way jointed |
| embedded with musical box (Tune: Santa Claus Is Coming to Town) |

Looking rather resplendent with a wintry vibe of Yuletides’ past, Christmas Teddy Bear stands out as Steiff’s 2016 musical release. It is embedded with a musical box, with an attached turnkey that allows you to play a festive Christmas tune while getting lost in its gorgeous deep-set eyes.

Crafted from luxurious silver mohair, Christmas Teddy Bear comes dressed in a rather elegant, long cotton velvety plush coat, topped with a woven plush fur trim and decadent gold embroidery. His long tail cap matches his coat – with a golden bell that will jingle along to your festive cheer!

 photo STEIFF 021718_zpsj4xx9j76.jpg

STEIFF Monty Snowman
SGD459 each

| 2016 Limited Edition | 1,225 pieces worldwide |
| 30cm | white-coloured mohair | 5-way jointed |

This perfect blend of cute and classic will be talked about even through the seasons and beyond!

Bearing the signature look of a classic snowman, this adorable Steiff masterpiece is sewn from a sumptuously dense white mohair with matching wool felt paws. He has gleaming black coals for eyes and buttons upon his tummy, with a wool felt carrot nose that completes his full look. Monty’s ensemble is completed with a long jersey-knit striped scarf tied around his neck, as well as a black cylinder hat resting upon his head at a jaunty angle, revealing his trademark button-in-ear Limited Edition tag.

 photo STEIFF 034077_zpsuuaook4z.jpg

STEIFF Balthasar Teddy Bear Ornament
SGD199 each

| 2016 Limited Edition | 1,225 pieces worldwide |
| 10cm | brown-coloured mohair | 5-way jointed |

In 2014, Melchior first arrived on the scene bearing gifts of Gold. Then came Caspar the year after with Frankincense.

This year, we see the release of Balthasar, the third and final installment to Steiff’s Wise Men Ornament Series. Exquisitely dressed, he honours the new born King with the valuable gift of myrrh. Here, Balthasar dons a blue robe decorated along its length with a shimmering border, with matching golden brown bobbin lace adorning his Arabian cape.

Like his other two distinguished fellows, Balthasar Teddy is crafted from the finest Schulte mohair, and will be the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas tree this year.

  photo STEIFF 021657 collage_zpsj0ukepu9.jpg

STEIFF Christmas Mouse in Bauble Ornament
SGD299 each

| 2016 Limited Edition | 500 pieces worldwide |
| 10cm | grey/white-coloured mohair | non-jointed |

Bauble Ornaments have become somewhat of a beautiful Christmas tradition for Steiff since its first release in 2014. While previous years have seen a Teddy and even the legendary pincushion Elephant take its place within the confines of this gorgeous crystal ball, this year’s hoour goes to none other than our squeaky little Mouse, who made her appearance last year as Christmas Baker’s baking companion!

With only 500 pieces available worldwide, Steiff’s Bauble Ornaments are definitely something you’d want to start a collection of – whether you’re an investor or an enthusiast, these beautiful works of art will prove more than its worth with each Christmas past.

 photo STEIFF 021664_zpsfrjhzrjc.jpg

STEIFF Nativity Scene
SGD1,099 each

| 2016 Limited Edition | 500 pieces worldwide |

We saved the best for last.

To this day, the birth of Jesus in a stable and the shining star are the epitome of the Christmas story, and Steiff’s first ever Nativity set recalls this miracle of Bethlehem unparalleled craftsmanship from the Erzgebirge: inside the barn made of spruce we meet Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus, accompanied by the famous ox and donkey who helped keep the stable warm. Mary is wearing a dress made of wool with gold braid, set off with a veil made of cotton; and  Joseph a frock with a linen cape. Baby Jesus is seen here swaddled in a blanket made of wool-felt, looking every bit the miracle that he was the night he was born.

This magnificent diorama consists of the following 6 pieces: wooden stable, Mary (11 cm, blond mohair), Joseph (11 cm, cinnamon mohair), Jesus (7 cm, light beige mohair), ox (10 cm, caramel mohair), and donkey (9 cm, grey mohair) – a truly fine and rare edition of this symbolic scene of love, peace, and joy.


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