This Just In!: Our Top 3 PlanToys Picks This Week!

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Better Kids, Better World indeed!

From the latest releases to new spins on old favourites, we’ll be reviewing 3 PlanToys Picks every week for the entire month of May because everything is just simply Better this time round!

Don’t forget to look out for our iconic bestsellers that are also now back on our shelves!


 photo 5361-Jumping-Acrobat_zpswahhemcz.jpg This Is…
PlanToys’ Jumping Acrobat.

It Retails At…

It’s Great For Ages…
18 months & above.

What It Does…
– A cause-and-effect toy, kids push down on the blue bar to send the wooden acrobat figurine flying to the top.

Three Reasons Why We Love It…
– The adjustable blue roof makes this an excellent tool for training arm strength. Little ones will learn quick enough that more energy is needed in order to send the acrobat soaring higher!

– It encourages exploration and experimentation: for starters, the littles one will want to know exactly how the Jumping Acrobat is sticking to the top of the blue roof! (The answer is magnet!)

– The Jumping Acrobat was only released early this year, and already it’s garnered to its name the prestigious German Reddot Design Award! Talk about reaching new heights!



 photo 3481-Shopping-Cart_zpsnp39x4av.jpg This Is…
PlanToys’ Shopping Cart.

It Retails At…

It’s Great For Ages…
2 years & above.

What It Does…
Made expressly for pint-sized shoppers, this beautifully remodelled version of the original PlanToys Shopping Cart features rubber enforced wheels, a roomy trolley compartment, and even a base for little ones to tuck away their knick-knacks so they don’t confuse their belongings with their buys!

Three Reasons Why We Love It…
– This shopping cart may be a pretend play toy in essence, but it can also double up as a walker, and can help develop balance, strength, leg muscles, and eye-hand coordination.

– We haven’t met a kid that didn’t love pretending to grocery shop with this! Designed to look just like a real supermarket trolley, kids love browsing the aisles and picking out foods for the family with this replica- just like mommy and daddy!

– We have always loved the multi-faceted value of pretend play. Stretch imagination and communication skills by encouraging little ones to make up different role-playing scenarios and take on different roles. Better yet, complement this with some play food and a cash register, and help your little entrepreneurs develop basic mathematical skills while picking up some basic business skills.



 photo 5359-My-First-Calendar_zpsacgwescw.jpg This Is…
PlanToys’ My First Calendar

It Retails At…

It’s Great For Ages…
3 years & above.

What It Does…
– Teaches kids to recognize time, seasons, and daily weather.

Three Reasons Why We Love It…
– It’s designed with 2 rectangular chalkboard surfaces that allows tiny fingers to scribble away their daily observations and findings!

– The turnable clock hands are great for helping to associate various times of the day with corresponding activities – even better when tied together with the weather ticker!

– The versatility of this Calendar not only makes an excellent tool to introduce the concept of weather, day, and time to our inquisitive tots; it also provides endless opportunities for vocabulary expansion, whether it is about days of the week, months of the year, temperature, different types of weather, activities, etc. We foresee that this wooden slate will be hanging on that wall for many years to come!

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