STEIFF OF THE MONTH: Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie may be Steiff’s 2013 Limited Edition pieces, but did you know that Steiff’s long and enduring relationship with The Walt Disney Company first blossomed back in the 1930s?


STEIFF Mickey & Minnie Mouse
SGD369.00 each

2013 Limited Edition | 2,000 pieces worldwide

If Steiff were to ever have an honorary ambassador – besides their own Teddy bear of course- many vintage fans might just vote for Mickey Mouse. This lively, comical and often yet quite sweet-hearted mouse turns 88 this year, and has since become the official mascot for the Disney franchise worldwide.

Mickey’s playful and adventurous disposition first caught the attention of Steiff in 1930, when Paul Steiff, Margarete’s own nephew, traveled to Stuttgart in order to see a Mickey Mouse movie. Enchanted by his spirit, Paul was determined to make him part of Steiff’s history, and worked hard at seeking permission to manufacture what has grown to be Walt Disney’s most iconic character today.

iZJt5W0QEV4YThe original 1930s Steiff Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Under Paul Steiff’s visionary leadership, the first Steiff Mickey Mouse was manufactured in 1931, with Minnie Mouse introduced to the market a year later. His product development and marketing insight was truly validated over the next 6 years, where a total of 53,000 Mickey Mouse and 13,000 Minnie Mouse pieces were manufactured and distributed. A second 70th Anniversary version was later introduced in 2006, which proved to be just as precious and sought-after for Steiff and Disney collectors worldwide. In fact, a pair of these 2006 collectibles were auctioned off at a whopping USD$2400 just 6 years after its manufacture- a further testament to the intrinsic value of all Steiff Limited Edition pieces.

STEIFF Mickey Minnie 2006The 70th Anniverary Steiff Mickey & Minnie Mouse (2006)

Given its legacy, it will be no surprise then just how much the 2013 Steiff Mickey & Minnie Mouse pieces will cost in the near future. Handcrafted in Germany from the finest Mohair, the features of this immortal couple have been updated from its Steamboat Willie days to resemble the Mickey and Minnie of today’s generation. Certain timeless details still remain, with his iconic white-gloved hands, yellow sneakers, and double-buttoned red shorts coming together to create the classic ‘Mickey Mouse’ look that the whole world knows and loves.

As with all other Steiff Limited Edition pieces, both Mickey and Minnie come with a  gold-plated ‘Button in Ear’ tag, as well as a corresponding numbered certificate as a mark of authenticity. This precious pair is available for viewing at our Centrepoint branch, and is something that all true Steiff collectors must acquire for their personal collection.


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