The Better Staff Recommends #7: PUSTEFIX’s Bubble Bear!

Pustefix’s unique twist on classic bubble blowing has made this usually-sloppy activity so much easier and mess-free – and this month, Early Childhood Specialist-in-the-making Rahmuna tells you exactly how and why!

 photo PUSTEFIX Bubble Bear 4_zpsbsiwfukn.jpg

The Pustefix Bubble Bear is a classic bubble-blowing toy that anyone can use and appreciate – just remove the bear’s hat, squeeze its belly, and the wand pops out all ready for you to blow!

Formulated and manufactured in Germany for more than 50 years now, Pustefix is hands-down, the best bubble solution maker in the market. Its streams of shimmering bubbles are bigger, stronger, more colourful, and lasts far longer than normal soap bubbles; and is completely safe and non-toxic too!

As an up-and-coming early childhood educator-to-be, Rahmuna swears by the Pustefix Bubble Bear – from outdoor parties and games to specific developmental purposes such as the training of oral motor and sensory skills, there are few toys  she finds in her line of work that are more reinforcing and multi-functional than the Bubble Bear.

 photo PUSTEFIX Bubble Bear 1_zpsy6782ru0.jpg

The Pustefix Bubble Bear is definitely the best I’ve ever come across. The simple reservoir system is easy to master and provides clean and quick reloading using only one hand – an extremely crucial convenience when you have twelve to fifteen kids under your charge.

I love how it keeps the kids excited and active too, and yet at the same time, trains their hand grip and oral muscles. Even other ‘spill-free’ solutions aren’t as spill-free as this one; and the best part of all is, the solution is non-toxic and doesn’t sting at all. No more tears from the kids, and no more fears from us when we see them trying to catch these irresistibly big, shimmery bubbles with their tongues!



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