The Better Staff Recommends #6: DJECO’s Labidou Labryinth!

At The Better Toy Store, early development has less to do with traditional academics and more with abstract learning; which is why it comes as no surprise that this wooden Labidou Labryinth Puzzle has been singled out by DJECO Evangelist, Jean Flores, as her top choice of the moment!

 photo DJECO LABIDOU II_zpsuhifaek7.jpgA great tool for developing early problem-solving skills in children as young as two, Djeco’s Labidou Labyrinth requires the young ones to maneuver the movable wooden animal pieces around in a bid to recreate the identical order as displayed on the corresponding card. This is not only great for concentration and fine motor skills, but also a great enhancer of logical thinking and perceptive reasoning in a child’s early formative years. At its most basic, however, Labidou imparts one of the most important skills in early childhood development: Sequencing.

Sequencing is the process of putting ideas and objects in a logical order; and is important because it helps children understand ‘what comes next’ and why certain things in life occur in the specific orders that they do. For some children, sequencing can be a hard concept to grasp – especially when they are trying to tell a story, write, or solve an abstract problem- and being introduced to it as early in life as possible rather than later actually makes it easier for them to digest.

Sequencing has a huge part to play in shaping your child’s cognitive abilities, and is extremely essential in helping your child build a solid foundation for academic learning in the later stages, be it in Mathematics, English, or Science.
 photo DJECO LABIDOU_zpsvqalc9sg.jpgFor Jean, the added greatness of this toy comes from its lightweight portability as well as its ability to entertain children for hours on end. Labidou is, naturally, one of the first bestsellers she recommends to customers searching for a toddler toy; and she has received raving feedback from grateful parents who gush about how this one toy is able to keep their kids occupied throughout an entire long-haul flight!

Labidou has all the makings of a good early childhood development toy: it is manipulative, it helps tackle Sequencing; and more importantly, the covers the more tangible aspects of learning such as problem solving and critical thinking.

This is my go-to developmental toy for kids around the age of 2: it is stimulating and enriching both physically and mentally, and it definitely makes mastering early development milestones a lot more fun!


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