THIS JUST IN! : HUBELINO’s Marble Run – Incorporating Speed and Fun Into Learning!


We’re sure you’ve heard all about Hubelino, our latest brand on the block! Now, let us fill you in with all the reasons why this is the next MUST-HAVE toy in the house!

 photo HUBELINO 1_zpss3eqitlv.jpg

Manufactured to the highest precision in Germany using high-quality, phthalate-free, non-toxic abs plastic, Hubelino is a marble run system that is 100% compatible with Duplo interlocking blocks by Lego, and recommended for lil’ builders as young as 3 years old – or extensible to be challenging even for tweens!
 photo HUBELINO 3_zpsutwxmhvv.jpg

Hubelino’s Marble Run System offers endless design possibilities and limitless imaginative play, and was developed in collaboration with educationalists to extend both content and fun learning in traditional building-block play. Builders add Hubelino tracks to their Duplo blocks and presto, a Marble Run is born!

 photo HUBELINO 2_zpslns3wcxn.jpg

Building with Hubelino encourages spatial thinking, mathematical planning, creativity and the understanding of the principles of physics in the most fun-filled way possible! Here’s a peek at just how inventive you can get with this fully modular and open-ended system!

 photo HUBELINO 4_zpsvutq2pvx.jpg What are you waiting for? Start the marble rolling and get in on your own Hubelino fun today!


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  1. V-CUBES says:

    WOW! That’s awesome! Looks very intense. Something a lot of kids are sure to enjoy, I’m sure it will really help mental development along with hand-eye coordination.

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