THIS JUST IN! : Folkmanis Plush Puppets – Brand New Designs Now Available!

This month, our freshly replenished Folkmanis puppets are all charged and ready to fly off our shelves!

Ideal for use in interactive stage and puppet theatrics, Folkmanis Puppets are fantastic instruments for teaching, daycare, school, pretend play, games and parties, or even to complement storytelling sessions!

And this year, we’re proud to introduce more than twenty new and never-seen-before designs to our range; which can only mean one thing: more imaginative, open-ended play, endearing hugs, and loads and loads of snuggly companionship!

Here are just a stellar few that’s part of our new furry line-up!

 photo FOLKMANIS Whale_zpsjlkitoca.jpg[Whale Hand Puppet, $32.90]
This extra soft and cuddly Whale Hand Puppet will add a whimsical touch to all future underwater escapades! Animate the mouth of this plush character and share marine tales of the extraordinary with friends and family – with this happy whale in tow, no adventure is impossible!

 photo FOLKMANIS Arctic Fox_zps1dqstne0.jpg[Arctic Fox Hand Puppet, $59.90]
Elusive and naturally camouflaged for polar climates, this sleek and fluffy Artic Fox Hand Puppet is well adapted to keep you warm even as the temperatures start to dip. Deceptively sweet-faced, this sly trickster will melt your heart with its snowy white plush fur and movable mouth – perfect for bbbbbrrrrrrr-worthy stories with a twist!

 photo FOLKMANIS Frilled Lizard_zpsa7myt7yb.jpg[Frilled Lizard Hand Puppet, $65.90]
Standing in a quirky stance and ever-ready to play, this tenacious Frilled Lizard Hand Puppet has got to be our favorite release for 2015! Crafted with full of maneuvering surprises, this swell lil’ fella comes designed with multiple variations of movement in his mouth and forelegs; and you can even expand and retract his collar frill to animate him to an inch of reality!

 photo FOLKMANIS Dragon in Turret_zpspoar4npi.jpg[Dragon in Turret Hand Puppet, $49.90]
Check out Folkmanis latest pop-up puppet! Following the success of its predecessors which include award winners like the Racoon in Can, Rabbit in Hat, and Bear / Owl in Tree Stump Hand Puppets; this newest peek-a-boo release is a refreshing mythical delight to the current line-up of pop-up puppets! Complete with colorful metallic accents, the baby dragon comes to life with movable mouth and arms, testing its fire breathing skills on unsuspecting paladins storming around its turret! An ideal accompaniment to all princess and knight tales!

 photo FOLKMANIS Swallowtail Butterfly_zpss6okku33.jpg[Swallowtail Butterfly Hand Puppet, $32.90]
Cause a flutter with this beautiful and extremely lifelike Swallowtail Butterfly Hand Puppet!  Placing just one finger inside the body, you can flap the wings up and down to help your brand new colourful friend dance on air! It’s easy to animate, and even easier to care for years of play!


Drop by our stores today and be blown away by our fully restocked Puppet Corner! We have more than 300 fascinating Folkmanis creations just waiting to push your imagination to the brim, so come on down and have a go!

P.S.: They won’t bite, we promise!


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