THIS JUST IN! : STEIFF Original & Limited Editions – Brand New & Exclusive Designs!

 photo 550 steiff_zpsxiprtvzd.jpg

It’s a Steiff Awakening here at The Better Toy Store!

And with new designs pouring in each week, we foresee a summer filled with sunshine, blue skies, and trunkloads of furry fun with our fresh new bunch of cuddly friends!

Brand new beautiful and rare Limited Edition pieces await too, so if you’re our beloved Steiff collector; you’d want to drop by now!

Here’s a sneak peek  of just a few of our many highly coveted releases!

 photo STEIFF Jubilee_zpslfwpd7u5.jpg

STEIFF 135th Year Jubilee Teddy Bear
1880 pieces worldwide
It all began in 1880 with a little elephant pin cushion, the very first plush creation designed and hand-sewn by Margarete Steiff herself.

Which is why it comes as no surprise that Steiff’s 135th Year Jubilee Bear presents one very proudly on his left paw! Measuring in at 32cm tall and dressed in the finest golden blond mohair, Jubilee is a historically important addition to any Steiff enthusiast’s collection.The golden coloured stain bow around his neck rounds off the image of a classic Steiff Teddy Bear; and with only 1880 pieces available worldwide, marks the symbolic year that Steiff was first founded.

 photo STEIFF Miffy_zpsjq1lhozj.jpgSTEIFF 60th Anniversary Miffy 
2015 pieces worldwide
Brought to life 60 years ago, everyone’s beloved Dutch rabbit Miffy – better known to the locals as Nijnte- has won a permanent place in the hearts of children all over the world. Which is why, for her 60th birthday, Steiff has chosen to honor her with her very own 5 way-jointed Miffy Steiff.

Made of the finest mohair and measuring in at 25cm, this exclusive piece has a special neck mark with a 60th Anniversary logo, and even comes in a 12-cm keyring version too!

 photo STEIFF Niccolo_zpsq5ovkqio.pngSTEIFF Niccolo Teddy Bear 
1500 pieces worldwide
Almost 40 years of his life were spent on his travels: jewel merchant Niccolò Polo – who first sailed from Venice to the East in 1260 and then travelled to China – was a cultural ambassador between Mongolian Khans and the Christian Popes.

In memory of this well-revered Italian explorer (who is incidentally, none other than Marco Polo’s own father), Steiff has meticulously crafted this exclusive namesake Niccolò Teddy bear. The bear´s appealingly unkempt sand-coloured mohair coat and alert expression reveal his adventurous heart, whilst his gleaming neckerchief of woven trimmings point to his creative spirit and love of the finer things in life! Niccolò carries a finely crafted brass globe, a perfect representation of his venturesome, globetrotting identity.

 photo STEIFF Hello Kitty_zpshj4rdu6z.jpg*UNRELEASED*
STEIFF 40th Anniversary Hello Kitty

1500 pieces worldwide
Join in Sanrio’s 40th Anniversary celebration of Hello Kitty with your very own Steiff Hello Kitty! Complete with miniature Steiff Teddy bear to mark this momentous collaboration, this officially licensed Sanrio piece is handcrafted from genuine Schulte mohair and embroidered accents identical to her original look.

The Better Toy Store is proud and honored to be the only  retailer in this part of the world to carry this North American Country Exclusive. And now we present to you an exclusive opportunity to own one of this fine and extremely rare heirloom collectible! With only a limited number of pieces available, you’d want to keep your eyes peeled when we finally release this one to our showcase!


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