THIS JUST IN! : DJECO’s Mini Mobiles!

This week, we’re featuring Djeco’s brand-new range of beautiful paper cut Mini Mobiles! Available in 6 different designs, these whimsical ceiling adornments are made of FSC paper and hangs about 9-10 inches from the ceiling, adding a gentle, lilting touch to any little bedroom. A great idea for tiny dreamers!

 photo DJECO Big Oak Mobile_zpsz5owqfue.jpgDJECO Big Oak Mini Mobile

This enchanting woodland-inspired Big Oak Mini Mobile features a mighty oak and a meaneagerie of woodland friends, complete with an owl, turtle, rabbit, deer, hedgehog, and birdhouse!

 photo DJECO Butterflies Catching Mini Mobile_zpsbamldmmm.pngDJECO Butterflies Catching Mini Mobile

This Butterflies Catching Mini Mobile might be small in its meticulous details, but its design is definitely big in style. Featuring impeccable cut-out butterflies and children frolicking around a giant leafy tree (check out its detailing!), this mini mobile adds just the right amount of fluttery whimsy to any little girl’s room!
 photo DJECO Castles and Dragons Mini Mobile_zpsabrovzug.png

DJECO Castles & Dragons Mini Mobile

We sure haven’t forgotten about the lil boys! Bring magic to boyish bedrooms with this small but gallant mini mobile! This medieval-themed piece features a regal castle, scary dragons, and brave knights mounted on their just-as-brave horses; and is one that will fit right in with all our lion-hearted tykes!
 photo DJECO In the Air Mini Mobile_zpscsinuqac.jpg

DJECO In the Air Mini Mobile

Fly high with this gorgeous In the Air Mini Mobile, which hangs with impressively detailed paper elements like billowing clouds, a hot air balloon, teeny little sun, moon, and stars, and even a boy gliding along on a kite! Definitely our favoritest of the lot!

 photo DJECO Little Fairy Mini Mobile_zps5vzlmnnn.jpg

DJECO Little Fairy Mini Mobile

Miniature size, maximum sweetness! Here’s one to set your heart soaring! This lovely Little Fairy Mini Mobile features a fairy and her flock of feathered friends, all encircled by a lovely flower garland. We don’t even need fairy dust to feel the magic from this!

 photo DJECO Whale Under the Water Mini Mobile_zpscflbskjv.jpg

DJECO Whale Under the Water Mini Mobile

Perhaps the grandest element of this marine life-themed Whale Under the Water Mini Mobile is the majestic Blue Whale, the largest living mammal in the world today. Along with other sea creatures (including a large flowy sea anemone), this splendid miniature decor is a must-have for all sea lovers amongst us.


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