STEIFF of the Month: Matryoshka Bear

This month, our Steiff’s exclusive feature brings together two of the world’s most time-honored traditions.  photo Steiff Matryoshka Bear  50_zpsghg3eiki.jpg

STEIFF Matryoshka Bear

2014 Limited Edition | 1500 pieces worldwide

If you open the nesting doll that our beloved Steiff Matryoshka Bear is holding in his paw, you will discover a treasure of a different sort. Instead of tinier Matryoshka, you will find in its place, a charming little 8cm Steiff Miniature Bear, made of the finest wool felt and extremely comforting to the touch.

Small ears, black shiny eyes, a hand-stitched brown nose and mouth together with felt pawpads – both bears in this uniquely timeless Steiff creation are fully jointed, with the main bear being crafted from the finest rich and dense brown mohair, and designed with a most enchanting face.

This spectacular pair is a Worldwide Limited Edition of only 1,500 pieces, and will come to you boxed with their numbered certificate of authenticity. Both Bears wear their 110th Anniversary  Elephant Button-in-Ear, with matching Limited Edition numbers on their ribbon tags. A truly timeless, endearing design that will stand out from the crowd for years to come.


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