This Just In!: DJECO’s Speedy Bee

The bees are all out to collect pollen- but only the fastest will succeed!

In this buzzing game of observation and speed which also trains colour recognition and colour mixing, you need more than just a quick eye and a quick hand to get ahead: wrong answers will cost you dearly!

 photo Djeco Speedy Bee 2_zps5pssa1lz.jpg

This sprightly game comes with three multi-coloured atomized dice made up of four small balls representing blue, yellow, red, and black.

The board has six pollen balls, three with the same colors represented on the atomized dice (red, blue, yellow), and three representing the mix between the primary colors (green, purple and orange).

 photo Djeco Speedy Bee_zpsamzy6pan.jpg

Each player takes turns rolling all three dice at once, after which all players have to be the first to grab the correct pollen balls on the round game board, depending on the color dices and according to the color mixing rules.

For instance, if the three dice thrown shows 2 red and 1 yellow, you have to be the quickest to grab either the red pollen ball (majority), or orange pollen ball (result of a red-yellow mix).

Another example: if the three dice shows 2 blue and 1 red, the correct pollen balls to grab are either the blue (majority), or purple one (result of a blue-red mix).

Every correct pollen ball grabbed earns you a pollen token; and the winner is the one who fills up his/her bee score card first!

But don’t be to quick to reach; wrong guesses will cost one pollen token each time!


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