The Better Staff Recommends #5: PAPO’s Dinosaurs!

This month, we jump all the way back in time to the prehistoric ages as we gear up for Jurassic World’s grand release in less than a month!

 photo papo_all-sept-2011_zpslq4icewr.jpg

Incredible detailing and realistic paint work have always been what set PAPO’s dinosaurs apart from the rest. Just ask our In-house PAPO Ambassador, Kevin Wong, who strongly attests to the quality and craftsmanship of the brand’s bestselling range. In fact, the ardent figurine collector confesses to having almost all of the dinosaurs at home, and even meticulously crafted a diorama from scratch just to showcase them in their full glory!

[Photo Credits: Kevin Wong]
[Photo Credits: Kevin Wong]

Papo, a world-renowned French toy brand,  designs beautifully crafted figurines and animals. Each figurine is meticulously hand painted and  manufactured to very strict specifications, with details and posture specially designed to stimulate creativity and imagination.
And while the full line consists of anything from farm animals and wildlife to princesses, knights, mythical creatures and even space warriors, it is their Dinosaur range that still stands out as the most superior one of the lot; with extremely life-like features, detailed texturing, and one of the most excellent sculpting workmanship in the industry. In fact, Kevin highly recommends the Brachiosaurus (pictured below), which, standing at a whopping 40cm tall, weighs close to 1kg and retails for only $59.90.
Talk about value for money!

 photo 61n9rFQS2L._SL1181__zpszhpluwwq.jpg

PAPO’s dinosaurs have one of the best articulated features, hands down. Aside from its realism and hefty weight, some of their jaw actually open and close to show their ferocious teeth, just like a real dinosaur! Their very realistic colouring also gives off a primal vibe, and is definitely more authentic-looking than the brightly-coloured ones from the other brands. I find that I always have a better experience with PAPO’s dinosaurs, simply because of how solid and real everything feels.

PAPO’s lines of dinosaurs is definitely a range that figurine collectors will want to look into, if they haven’t already started. These figurines are excellence, quality, and true craftsmanship all rolled into one.

Kevin Wong


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