STEIFF of the Month: Finding Nemo

Just keep swimming, because this month, Nemo’s right under the Steiff spotlight!

 photo 354885_1_l__95699.1405342366.1280.1280_zpsecx8gjfq.jpg


2013 Limited Edition | 2000 pieces worldwide

Everyone loves the story behind this sprightly little clownfish; and now, Finding Nemo’s enthusiasts can take their ocean adventures home with them in the form of this exquisite limited edition piece from Steiff!

Deemed as one of the most exciting Steiff-Disney collaborations to date, Nemo is lovingly handcrafted from genuine Schulte mohair and finished with airbrushed accents; his right fin has even been made to be smaller than his left, much like that in the movie – in case you haven’t watched this award-winning Disney animation, Nemo was embroiled in a fiery baracuda attack when he was just an unhatched egg, causing one of his fins to be permanently injured since birth.

Measuring in at a sizeable 15cm in length, there are only 2000 pieces of this playful little fledgeling available in the world today; and one of them resides on the shelves of our Steiff showcase at Centrepoint. It holds the honour of being one of the original six creations in the Disney-Steiff line up, and is a definite must-have for all avid Steiff collectors out there.


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  1. WeeOhana says:

    oh how cute! I, well my family! Love Nemo ❤

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