This Just In!: SES’s Mega Bubbles Kit

Blowing bubbles isn’t what it used to be anymore, not with this Mega Bubble set from SES Creative!

 photo SES Mega Bubbles_zpsijkfr2wq.jpg

[Mega Bubbles, $12.90]

Show off your big bubbly personality by making the BIGGEST BUBBLES you have ever seen! And with all the equipment you need provided in this Mega Bubbles kit, enormous bubble fun has never been easier!

Just hold the sticks together, dip the rope in the soap solution, remove it from the dish and pull the sticks apart carefully. And there you have it! The biggest bubble you’ve ever seen!

Want it bigger? Take a few steps back slowly, and watch as your bubble gets bigger… and bigger! Pull the sticks together again once you’ve got the size you need, and watch in amazement as you see just how long it can last and far it can fly!

P.S.: Here’s a Mega Bubble tip: blow softly and briefly against the large bubble (just a short puff!) and see if you can create a small bubble inside the large one!

 photo SES Mega Bubbles 2_zpsqvsdykm5.jpg

Check out the video below to see more of what this boisterous bubble set can do!


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