The Better Toy Store @ Parkway Parade’s Toy Swop 2015!

 photo TS1_zpsz4njmv95.jpg

Our stint at Parkway Parade’s 2015 Toy Swop event might have ended, but we’re still buzzing from all the fun and excitement we had over the past two weeks!

This year, we continued to lend our support to non-profit organization, Food from the Heart, and sponsored store vouchers for their Toy Buffet Giveaway!

 photo TS4_zpsuu2gfugk.jpg

Parkway Parade’s annual Toy Swop event, which calls for toy donations in exchange for shopping vouchers, help light up the lives of the less privileged children by gifting them with either new or pre-loved toys. Upcycle Workshops were also conducted to encourage kids to ‘go green’; and crafts and activities were led by Springfield Secondary School’s Green Ambassadors to help inspire older kids to transform old, recyclable materials into cool and exciting bags and wallets!

The Better Toy Store added on to the fun and fanfare with our very craft workshops held daily between 10am and 9pm. Kids and parents alike were welcome to join and learn how to design their own iron-on bead creations, and even got to take home their own masterpieces after the session.

 photo TS2_zpswebeussf.jpgCheck out the amazing works of art you can conjure with nothing more than a bunch of colored beads and an iron!  photo TS6_zps5cfomnmi.jpg If you haven’t heard of this wonderful craft hobby, SES’s Iron-on Beads allows you to create different shapes and forms completely to your full creativity and imagination. SES’s extensive assortment of colors- with special glow-in-the-dark  and scented variations- provides an endless scope of possibilities, and guarantees fantastic results with almost every creation made. Take a look at just a few of the many different things you can put together with these beads!  photo TS3_zpsgvcrf89o.jpg .And there are literally a hundred and more ways to get creative with these SES Iron-on Beads, which, by the way, happens to be PVC-free. Not only is it a great way of developing hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, and concentration (especially with the younger ones), it also serves as an excellent rainy day or indoor party activity!  photo TS5_zpsle61jmly.jpg Don’t worry if you missed us at Parkway Parade’s Toy Swop event year; we’ll be back again next March. But in the mean time, feel free to drop by our Parkway Parade branch (01-70), or our Centrepoint (03-07) or Tanglin Mall (01-11) outlets. See you there!


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