This Just In!: DJECO’s MON PETIT HOME Dollhouse Range

This week, we’re featuring Djeco’s all-new MON PETIT HOME Dollhouse range!

 photo Djeco-modern-doll-house-pitched-roof-colour-color-house-3_zps9fwer7g0.jpg[Colour House, $149.90]

MON PETIT HOME, which translates to My Little Home in English, is a fun and challenging design project that fuses childhood pretend play with modern architecture. Inspired from signature works by great modern architects, the Djeco team embarked on a special collaboration with various architects and building professionals to create these uber contemporary wooden houses with uncluttered, minimalistic layouts. Featuring clean geometric lines, large glazed surfaces, and bright, colourful interiors, these unique and modern chic playscapes provide a refreshing platform for  endless pretend and imaginative play.

 photo Djeco-modern-doll-house-cubic-house-1_zpsfjbqajuc.jpg
[Cubic House, $169.90]

Designed in France and manufactured to the strictest quality and safety standards, Djeco’s MON PETIT HOME even comes with a wide range of equally whimsical-chic furniture and accessories, allowing the lil ones to decorate to their hearts’contents. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the many designs available at our stores!
 photo collage mph_zpsnbvsazxb.jpg

And yes, Mummies and Daddies, it’s okay to pretend to buy this for your child when in fact you’re getting it for yourself. These beautiful wooden dollhouses are so meticulously and well-crafted that it just might be the most exquisite range of dollhouse we have ever laid our eyes on!


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