The Better Staff Recommends #4: DJECO’s Origami Decorative Sheets!

Did you know that when you practice origami, you are actually activating your whole brain?

Part-time Extraordinaire Linda sure does, because this month, her top pick goes to Djeco’s Decorative Origami Sheets, which consists of 100 pieces of beautifully patterned papers and comes accompanied with a detailed illustrative guide to help you get started on this potentially new hobby with ease!

 photo 8770 collage_zpsec4obx4t.jpg

Origami has long been appreciated as a beautiful work of art, but there is so much more to this fascinating craft form than just the act of paper folding. Origami is an activity that requires both hands and hence activates the usage of the entire brain, lending development to an extensive series of academic objectives such as sequencing, mathematics, visual-spatial motor skills, language, logical reasoning, and problem solving. Origami in its purest form requires absolutely no equipment other than one small sheet of paper; and its safe, non-threatening nature makes it a manageable activity that can be enjoyed by anyone, young  or old.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps93e69faa.jpg

For Linda, the joys of Origami comes from the attractiveness of being able to transform a flat piece of paper into a whole multitude of three-dimensional sculptures, simply through the act of folding. In fact, the DIY enthusiast confessed to scouring the web for more Origami inspiration the very same night she bought her pack, after she skilfully mastered the ones provided in the booklet within a couple of tries. And with a hundred quality pieces of intricately patterned papers to spare, this savvy craft lover also thought up other just-as-perfect uses for these prettily decorated sheets: scrapbooking, and cardmaking.

The fact that Origami is such a no-brainer and yet still requires so much focus and attention to detail in its process, makes it one of the most inherently therapeutic activities you’ll ever find. You don’t even have to be extremely talented or artistically inclined to excel in this; you just need to be able to appreciate beauty, love a challenge, and want to create something with your hands.



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