This Just In!: PLAN TOYS’ Dough Sets

Plan Toys just got better with the introduction of their brand new range of dough sets!

 photo Plan-Toys-Pastry-Dough-Set2_zpsbpf7fo7c.jpg[Basic Creative Dough Set, $25.90]

Plan Toys fanatics will be delighted to hear of this brand new release, which comes in three distinctly different designs for kids to unleash their inner creativity. Constructed from sustainable PlanWood, painted with organic colorants and dyes, and put together with non-formaldehyde glue, these highly durable Dough Sets include super fun components such as handles with interchangeable rollers, various pattern designs, rolling pins, vehicle and pastry molds, patterned stamps, car axles, dough cutters and more – all of which have been specially designed to help the little ones develop their fine motor skills and concentration, as well as explore the limits of their artistic creativity!
 photo Plan-Toys-Pastry-Dough-Set-Play-Food_zpss5jo3lkb.jpg

[Pastry Dough Set, $25.90]

This Pasty Dough Set (seen above), for instance, comes with ten colourful molds and tools that will help turn malleable dough into a beautiful collection of tasty delights. The dual usage of some of these molds provide even greater opportunities to serve up some serious scrumptious fun: Specifically, the undersides of the serving plates also function as topping molds. And the three cone-shaped blocks that come in this pack can be used as molds for flourishing designs, and then flipped over to be utilized as cupcake holders!

 photo Plan-Toys-Town-Building-Dough-Set-537x408_zpsoecbq7en.jpg[Build-A-Town Dough Set, $25.90]

Budding town planners, on the other hand, will be delirious with joy over this Build-A-Town Dough Set. With a patterned roller, 2 car molds that doubles as buildings, 3 car axles, 1 handle with 2 interchangeable patterned stamps, and 1 dough cutter, this set allows you to pave your own streets, construct your own landscape, and create your own cars!

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Clay is not included with these sets, but no worries because all sets come with easy-to-follow instructions to whip up your own non-toxic and chemical-free play dough! What a perfect family-bonding activity to while away a lazy Saturday afternoon!

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