This Just In!: PLAN TOYS’ Water Blocks

 photo water blocks_zpsyhyrftba.jpg

Building blocks play just got a whole lot more interesting with these genius Water Blocks set from Plan Toys!

Constructed from natural recycled rubberwood and according to strict safety and environmental standards , these colourful Water Blocks set includes 6 pieces of wooden-framed acrylic windows filled with red, blue, or yellow water; coated with non-toxic, chemical-free glues and dyes which have been tested safe both for the child and the environment.

A winner  of the Teacher’s Pick Practical PreSchool Award, Plan Toys’ Water Blocks are an excellent developmental toy for toddlers aged 3 and above. They are packed with great educational value, and teach a whole variety of concepts including colour mixing, physical balance, and even basic properties of liquids (so prepare your answers to curious questions like, ‘Why does the water level remain perfectly horizontal no matter how you tilt the blocks?’) .

Little ones will be absolutely thrilled to see the liquids ‘turn’ green when a blue water block is placed in front (or behind) a yellow block; and you will find these blocks extremely useful teaching aids when introducing basic Physical concepts to those young minds.

Modular in size, Plan Toys’ Water Blocks coordinates perfectly with standard unit block sets, thereby allowing for new exploration and experimental challenges in traditional block play!

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