Game On #2: DJECO’s Sakapuss!

In this heart-thumping game of speed and quick reaction, the ones who act the fastest will escape the nettlesome bother of the lice, ticks, and fleas!
 photo DJ05111-cards_xtr_zpsu9jwsqa1.jpg

45 cards – 20 ‘Cat’Cards; 18 ‘Parasite Cards’; 6 ‘Insecticide Cards’; 1 ‘Shower Card’

Recommended Age
3 – 5 players, aged 6 and above.

Good for Developing…
– Observation
– Speed (Quickness of Reaction)
– Strategy

Game Objective
To have the fewest parasites at the end of the game.

 photo sakapuss - cats_zpsl3qt4kuc.jpg

Before We Begin…
Only some of the ‘Cat’ Cards are used, depending on the number of players, i.e. if there are only three players, only three sets of ‘Cat’ Cards are needed. The other two sets can be kept away. (There are a total of 5 sets of ‘Cat’ Cards as shown in the picture above, which means that in any given round, there can only be a maximum of 5 players.)

Shuffle the ‘Cat’ Cards needed and deal them out to the players.

The ‘Parasite’, ‘Shower, and ‘Insecticide’ Cards are all shuffled together and placed face down in a single pile.

Let’s Kick Off!
The objective of the game is to keep passing your ‘Cat’ Cards around until you manage to collect on hand a full set of 4 identical cats.

When the game begins, players simultaneously remove a card from their own stash and pass it along (face down and in a clockwise direction) to the player beside him. Logically, this card should not be part of the set that you’re intending to collect. 

This continues on until any one player obtains 4 identical cats. He then taps on the pile and the rest has to be quick to follow; the last hand to reach will have to take a card from the ‘Parasite’/’Shower’/ ‘Insecticide’ Cards pile.

Let’s find out what these cards mean.

The ‘Parasite’ Cards
 photo sakapuss -  bugs_zpszozansv1.jpg– Take note of the different kinds of parasites there are on each card, as well as the number of parasites each card stands for. If there is a number ‘3’ on your card, it means that you have just been stricken with three parasites – which isn’t a good thing at all, given that you need to have the least number of parasites at the end of the game to win.

The ‘Insecticide’ Cards
 photo sakapuss - spray cans_zpsulucdeyy.jpg– These ‘Insecticide’ Cards are good news, because it exterminates specific parasites that you have on hand (if any).

– Take note of the different kinds of insecticides though. Each insecticide can only kill off a certain type of parasite, as depicted on the insecticide bottle itself. Therefore, if you have three lice and your ‘Insecticide’ card shows a flea, it unfortunately does nothing for you and you’ll have to discard of it without change.

The ‘Shower’ Card
 photo sakapuss - shower card_zpsvdctwfzx.jpg

– There is only one ‘Shower’ Card in the entire game. Any player who draws this card will be able to get rid of all their parasites (if any), regardless of its type.

 photo sakapuss - game_zpscjh9khvp.jpg

Now, let’s do a practice spray-off.

Imagine that you are the last person to place your hand out this round. You have to pick a card from the pile as a result but thankfully, you get an ‘Insecticide’ Card that’s pictured above. Supposing you have all the other ‘Parasite’ Cards as shown above too, how many parasites would you then be left with?

If you said ‘4’, you’re absolutely correct! This particular insecticide will only kill the chubby 8-legged ticks that are on the second and fourth card from the left (based on the label on the insecticide can), hence leaving you with 2 fleas (Red Card) and 2 lice (Green Card)!

What a wipeout!

How It Ends
A full game of Sakapuss consists of 10 different rounds, meaning the process of shuffling and dealing the ‘Cat’ Cards, as well as the collection of a full set of 4 identical cats, will be done 10 times.

At the end of all 10 rounds, the players have to count the number of parasites they have collected thus far.

Things to Take Note
– Be mindful when declaring your set of ‘Cat’ Cards as complete. The cats look deceptively similar to one another and if you declare a full set wrongly, you will have to pick two cards from the pile. Good news is that you may get an ‘Insecticide’ Card or even a ‘Shower’ Card from this; but bad news (and the more likely possibility) is that you may end up adding more parasites to your hold.

The Better Team Recommends
So here’s a trick strategy that The Better Team figured out when putting this product out on trial. Before we divulge anything, note that it is an extremely high-risk strategy, and will only prove effective if you find yourself with wayyyy too many ‘Parasite’ Cards on hand.

So, imagine this situation: supposing we’re at Round 8 of 10, and you realize that you have, say, 10 parasites more than any other player in the game. You may want to consider sharpening your speed and reaction for future game play; but in the mean time, there is only one way to control the damage here and now – and that is to intentionally be the slowest to touch the pile, so that you are the one who has to take a card.


Think about it. With only two more rounds before the game ends, the possibility of you catching up with 10 parasites in the way is a bit of a far throw. Mathematically, it isn’t even possible for the other players to pick up 10 more parasites in 2 rounds – and that is only if the same player consecutively loses the next two cat-card rounds.

Which means that, figuratively and literally speaking, things cannot get any worse for you. Whether or not the card you pick turns out to be a parasite won’t make much of a difference to your standing in the game. Which is why it is the perfect chance to employ this no-holds-barred strategy and ‘sabotage’ yourself into having to draw a card. This way, there is an equally good chance of stumbling across an ‘Insecticide’ Card (or even better, a ‘Shower’ Card) as you may a ‘Parasite’ Card; and with 10 parasites, we’re pretty sure any one ‘Insecticide’ Card alone will be enough to bring the number down a fair bit.

What are you waiting for? Get your Game On with Djeco’s Sakapuss, and tell us how it goes!

. X .

Got a question about Sakapuss? Drop us a comment or send us a direct message!

Or if you have a game that you want us to review, let us know and we just might feature them in our next Game On segment!


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