The Better Staff Recommends #2: DJECO Fawn Night Light!

A snow globe that doesn’t require shaking? Yep, that’s right – this month, Djeco’s brand new Fawn Night Light has sent Retail Rockstar, Stacie Kwan, into an ultimate bliss-out; and it’s not at all hard to see why!  photo 550Night-Light-Fawn-Djeco-DD03401_1024x1024_zpsj6uxykc0.jpgOne of the most exciting and vibrant brands you’ll ever come across, art maestros Djeco is a world-renowned French house that designs and manufactures an exceptional range of high quality toys, puzzles, art and craft activities and now décor products – all with a unique style and timeless appeal. Designed with excellence and imagination in mind, their colourful and energetic palette exudes a spirit of quirky freedom of unparalleled proportions. The brand’s inspiring portfolio of illustrations and design last the test of time both aesthetically and physically, and greatly enhances the creative play value of any child’s world.

And for Stacie, this pièce de résistance is of no exception. While it may appear to be an unassuming snow globe at first glance, this work of art actually doubles up as a battery-operated night light too, shining colour-changing hues against the walls and sending speckles of floating glitter reflecting magically across the room!

The fact that it’s a snow globe-slash-night light is good enough, but this marvellous invention actually comes embedded with all these extra intricacies that make it all the more spectacular – for instance, there’s a timer that allows it to be set on a two-hour cycle; and there’s even an in-built fan mechanism which keeps the ‘snow’ floating around the globe for as long as it is switched on!

This Fawn Nightlight has really raised the bar for all future décor keepsakes. The blend of colour and design is coordinated yet whimsical, and very well-suited to the theme. This may be one of the brand’s newer products, but every inch of it still shines through and through of Djeco’s effervescence.



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