Game On #1: HABA’s Lucky Sock Dip!

There is bedlam in the sock drawer! 24 pairs of socks, and the big sock monster has got them all muddled up! It’s time to get them (well, most of them, at least) sorted before Mom finds out!

 photo Lucky Sock Dip - Overview_zpscuve918p.jpg

1 wooden Sock Monster
24 pairs of socks (48 pieces)
13 clothes-pegs

Recommended Age
2-6 players, aged 4 and above.

Good for Developing…
– Observation
– Concentration
– Speed

Game Objective
To be the first player to correctly spot and collect 5 identical pairs of socks before anyone else.

 photo Lucky Sock Dip - Sock Pile_zpsyuxwbtbq.jpg
Before We Begin…
Collect all 48 socks in a pile as shown above – the messier the better! Put the wooden sock monster at a position that is readily and equally accessible to all players. (You will find out later on why this is important!)

Let’s Kick Off!
It doesn’t matter who begins first as all players will start rummaging through the pile at the same time. However, each player may take turns giving the start signal.

Once the start signal is given, all players start foraging through the messy sockpile and try to be the first to spot and collect 5 identical pairs of socks. There are a few things that should be taken note of while this is happening:

  • You can only rummage with one hand. The other has to be on your lap at all times;
  • You cannot take any pair of socks that are already in front of another player (that’s cheating!), and;
  • The socks all look very much alike, so be sure that they are completely identical before adding them on to your own stack!

Once you have collected 5 identical pairs, quickly make a grab for the Sock Monster! This is why it has to be placed at a location that all players can reach easily.

 photo Lucky Sock Dip - Monster_zpshzfkjxun.jpg

Now let’s check through our stash to see if we’ve got it right!

 photo Lucky Sock Dip - Wrong_zpsobvclijs.jpg

Yikes! It looks like we didn’t! (Don’t see it? Just look a lil’ harder until you do!)

This is why we have to be really careful before grabbing the Sock Monster and declaring our 5 identical socks. Just one wrong pair is enough to cost you your reward. Which, by the way, looks a little something like this.

 photo Lucky Sock Dip - Peg_zps2lhvedgd.jpg

It’s a clothes peg! To commemorate your win!

. X .

The Better Team Recommends
One of the reasons why this game remains our perpetual favourite is because of how easy it is to teach kids that speed without accuracy isn’t always the best thing. Being careful slows us down, yes; but in the long run, carelessness always costs more.

Officially, the first player to collect three clothes pegs wins the entire game. However, here at The Better Toy Store, we’ve also always believed in bending the rules. Here are a few ways we’ve come up with to tweak the difficulty levels of this game, in order to cater to a wide span of skill levels:

  • If you find your child a tad overwhelmed, keeping it simple is a great way to ease them in. The easiest variation would be to reduce the number of pairs in the initial pile (we leave the actual number to your discretion); or alternatively, you could lessen the number of pairs needed to be found. For first timers who need some help along, combine both variations for a couple of stress-free rounds before gradually bringing them up to speed.
  • Need more challenge? While this game remains fun for kids of all ages (and adults too, if we must sheepishly confess), the older ones might take away a little bit more from this game if you spice things up with just one variation: take any one sock out of the pile and keep it in the box without any of the players seeing it (yourself included, if you’re playing the round).
    Do you see what can potentially happen now? Players may spend the round unknowingly searching for a matching sock that is no longer in the game. What kids will learn from this, then, is to know when to make that decision to move on. The more rounds they play with this variation, the sharper their executive thinking gets, and the quicker they make that decision not to harp on one particular sock. Because sometimes, determination isn’t just about keeping on at something; it’s about keeping on at the right thing.
    Interestingly enough, you may also find some of us multi-tasking and continuing to search for the elusive sock in that pile, while searching for another pair at the same time!

. X .

Got a question about Lucky Sock Dip? Drop us a comment or send us a direct message!

Or if you have a game that you want us to review, let us know and we just might feature them in our next Game On segment!


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  1. benbrilliant says:

    Looks like a lot of fun

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