The Better Staff Recommends #1: FOLKMANIS Black Cat Hand Puppet!

This month, The Better Toy Store’s Marketing Wizard, Eugene Lim, singles out this purr-sitively adorable Black Cat Hand Puppet as his Top Like of All Time!
 photo black cat_zpsegvianoe.jpg
Given the amount of thought that the Folkmanis team puts into conceptualizing each and every single puppet, it comes as no surprise then, that Eugene readily quotes this as the one brand he holds closest to heart at the store. The self-professed animal lover strongly attests to the wonderfully designed expressions and movability of these engaging plush puppets, and finds them perfect for delighting even the most sedentary of imaginations.

Embedded with all the right elements to encourage interactive play and discovery, Eugene confesses that he actively uses various Folkmanis Puppets as a springboard for engaging customers at the store. Their uncannily lifelike features and movement are instantaneous conversation starters, and is relatable to all regardless of age, language or culture. It is no wonder then, that teachers across the world readily peg puppets as an all-rounded teaching tool for developing speech and social skills, as well as the imagination, of all those involved in play.

With more than two hundred different puppets to choose from, this luscious, black Black Cat Hand Puppet remains a particular favourite of Eugene’s – and for all the right reasons too. Meticuously crafted from high-quality materials and exceptionally realistic detailing (as are with all Folkmanis Puppets), this dapper-looking feline can be manipulated to appear just like the real thing, proving itself time and again to draw out a surprised smile – even from the most discerning faces.

If there is one thing that captures my attention about Folkmanis, it’s how startling realistic they all are. I’d recommend anything if I could, although this Cat is my particular favourite. Its movable mouth and front paws are such a breeze to animate, and I love how effective it is at initiating conversation. It’s my secret weapon when breaking down barriers with the more bashful kids – works like a charm, every single time.



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