Play Better #1: Dishing Out On The Better Dinnerware

It is often said that dinnerware manifests the artistic outlook of a homemaker, and those conscious about their home and hospitality enjoy making a statement with their variety of choice dinnerware whenever they welcome guests at home. But with the proliferation of options available in today’s fast-growing marketplace, how do you determine what’s safe for your family, and what’s not?


The two most widely used materials in dinnerware are melamine and porcelain. One is manufactured from one of the oldest plastic ever created, and the other is created from a special clay.

Durable and inexpensive, melamine dinnerware is highly popular throughout the world due to its lightweight and easy-to-maintain nature; and makes for a more cost-effective table setting in casual dining establishments.  While it is dishwasher safe, melamine is not suitable for microwave or oven usage due to its lack of resistance to high temperatures; and can prove to be somewhat limiting in the kitchen (especially when all you want is to skip the hassle of transferring your food contents from one ware to another to yet another).
Porcelain, on the other hand, can withstand high temperatures and is, hence, both oven and microwave safe in most cases – plus, its weighted material provides a more classic and appealing ‘dinnerware’ look than melamine does.  Although it is breakable, porcelain can be very durable when handled properly, and can provide years of constant service to its owner if proper care is provided.  The advantages of porcelain are significant; for example, you can keep it in plate warmers, put it under a broiler, and keep foods piping hot, all without having to worry about the safety or durability factor.


Djeco’s line of quality porcelain dinnerware is not only dishwasher-safe but microwave and oven-safe too.  You’ll be pleased to know that they have been tested to meet the European Safety Standards, which can only mean higher promised levels of safety, sturdiness, and durability, all for you and your child.

Delightfully patterned and well-proportioned for smaller hands and mouths, DJECO’s Dinnerware is now available at The Better Toy Store in 9 different themes.
 photo placemats_zps9fa89afc.pngFrom Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
| Fish & Chips | Pirates | Gingerbread |
| Margherita | Teatime | Sweet Cat |
|Chicken Wings | Petals | Western Spaghetti |

| DJECO Dinnerware – Petals Range |
| Plates (SGD16.90) | Soup Plates (SGD16.90) |
| Bowls (SGD16.90) | Mugs (SGD9.90) | Place Mats (SGD9.90) |
| *Not Shown In Picture: Glass Tumbler (SGD9.90) | 

Transform meal time into a time for fun as cowboys, pirates, and animals of sorts grace your table and keep your children’s imagination company! Note how even the plates have been structured with slightly curved edges – messy eaters will now find it harder to roll food out of their plate and onto the floor!

 photo djeco_fish_all_zpsde472159.jpg | DJECO Dinnerware – Fish & Chips Range |

There’s not much to note, really. Just don’t drop it, and your Djeco dinnerware will be set to last you for a very, very long time. You do want to be careful not to make swift changes in temperatures to it though, as this will cause the porcelain to crack almost immediately. For instance, avoid holding a porcelain plate under cold water if you have just microwaved it; and refrain from placing it straight into the microwave if you have just removed it from your refrigerator.

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