Two Days to Christmas: Djeco Puzzle Gallery Series!


Still short of a couple of presents for the older kids?

Create your own work of art with Djeco’s Puzzle Gallery range! Featuring beautiful painting-style puzzles, little (and large!) puzzlers will be rewarded with an attractive scene when the challenge is complete!

Illustrated by Agatha Kawa, Unicorn Garden depicts a stunning scene in crisp autumn tones, featuring a mythical myriad of forest creatures, flowers, fairies, beautifully-dressed ladies and – of course – noble white unicorns. There’s so much detail to discover as the puzzle comes together! This 500-pc puzzle is good for kids eight and above, and measures 97cm x 33 cm when completed!

The cosy, season-appropriate scene  in Wonderful Walk is illustrated by Natalie Novi, and features creatures you may (and may not) come across on a winter walk! There are flowers, birds and ladies in pretty dresses and nice coats; and even a lion being ridden by a boy, an elephant and his umbrella-clutching rider, and a suited rabbit riding a bird! This 350-pc puzzle is good for kids seven and above, and measures 97cm x 33 cm when completed!

Drop by our stores to check out the full range of Djeco Puzzle Galleries, which includes more than eight different picturesque designs spanning from 100- to 500-pc puzzles!

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Purchase a Djeco Puzzle Gallery from The Better Toy Store from now until 30th December, and enjoy a 20% discount off your second item! Members receive 40%!


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