Three Days to Christmas: Flensted Christmas Tree Mobile!


Yikes! Just three days to Christmas?

If you’ve got a house party coming up and you feel like there’s still that one thing missing from your festive decor, a Flensted mobile might just be the solution to all your decorative problems!

 photo TREE_zps9f4e05d4.jpg

Christmas is the cosy and loving festival of hearts, and fashioned in Christmas’s traditional  colours of reds and greens, this Flensted Christmas Tree mobile will deck your halls with bounds of festive joy and love for years to come. Suspended on a single thread, all ten mini Christmas trees, together with an adornment of red hearts and yellow stars, come together to form one big Christmas tree.

. X .

Purchase a Flensted Mobile from The Better Gift Store from now until 30th December, and enjoy a 20% discount off your second item! Members receive 40%!


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