Four Days to Christmas: Plan Toys’ Rocking Alligator!


Looking for a fun, eco-friendly rocking toy that won’t break the bank? PlanToys’ new Rocking Alligator is just the ticket to fit the bill. This sturdy riding toy is made with sustainable PlanWood, which uses non-toxic e-zero glue and bright water-based dyes in the manufacturing of its materials, making it extra safe even for tots as young as one year old!

Toddlers will love rocking across the world of make-believe atop this friendly green Rocking Alligator from Plan Toys. Sturdy solid wood footrests and handlebars help children keep their balance and feel secure even while rocking on the alligator’s back; and with its friendly smile, bright yellow seat, and ever-spinning eye, there is no boundary to where their imaginations will take them when riding on it.

Designed with care to help young children develop balance, coordination and other gross motor skills, as well as to stimulate creative play, this Rocking Alligator is the perfect idea to bring some engaging fun into your child’s playroom. Glide through swamps, scale down rivers, survey the scenery in perfect safety – who’s going to mess with a kid who’s riding an alligator? Nobody, that’s who.

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Purchase a Plan Toys Rocking Alligator from The Better Toy Store from now until 30th December, and enjoy a 20% discount off your second item! Members receive 40%!


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