Nine Days to Christmas: TROUSSELIER’s Magic Lanterns!


No batteries, no motors, no engines: just hang on for a minute, and marvel as these enchanting night lamps come to life when they begin spinning on their own!

Designed in France, the turning mechanism in each Trousselier’s Magic Lantern is activated by the heat generated from its 12V screw bulb, permitting the decorated cylinder to propel and animate the lamp’s body with various themes of colourful projections.

Trousselier’s beautiful magic lanterns are available in more than fifteen different designs at our stores, including classic French characters such as The Little Prince, Elmer The Patchwork Elephant, Maisy Mouse, Sophie Giraffe, and more! A soothing comfort for every dozing child, these lamps now even come with the option of an added element:  A Music Box platform!

Simply place your Lantern of choice on this base, crank it, and let its gentle, lilting tunes send your lil ones straight off to slumber!

. X .

Purchase a TROUSSELIER Magic Lantern from The Better Kids’ Decor Store from now until 30th December to enjoy a 10% discount off its retail price! Members receive 15%!


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