Twelve Days to Christmas: DJECO’s Wooden Shelves!


Real treasure isn’t made of gold. It’s made of rocks, figurines, cars, sticks, bottle tops, one-eyed dolls, and random plastic knick-knacks.

With DJECO’s decorated Wooden Shelves, even your child’s most prized possessions will look decidedly more treasure-like when displayed on its intricately patterned units.

 photo TheWonderofaSultansWifeWoodenShelf_zps48afa95f.jpg

Hang one of these above your kid’s bed and fill it with books, figurines, cutesy stationery items, and anything else that’s worth showcasing to the world! With mounting brackets at the back, this lightweight wooden storage shelf can be secured wherever you please, and is a brilliantly attractive feature for any bedroom wall!

. X .

Purchase a DJECO Storage Shelf from The Better Kids’ Decor Store from now until 30th December to enjoy a 10% discount off its retail price! Members receive 15%!


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