This Just In! : Janoschik

Brand new at The Better Toy Store this month,  Janoschik is a German toy company specializing in unique, beautifully crafted wooden animals that are perfect for play and decoration. Designed in Germany and made in the Czech Republic, its toys are made from indigenous wood types like oak, beech, and pine; and are usually handmade to about 80% of the final product.

Since its inception, Janoschik has built a brand that stands out for its exquisite quality and design features. Its money boxes come built with adorable quirks such as wagging tails and trunks that make it fun for both children and adult to save; its ride-ons have rubber on their wooden wheels to prevent scratches on your flooring; and its rockers are sturdy and come with stoppers for added safety. With a signature grainy finish that is consistent across all the brand’s ranges, these durable toys are of heirloom quality, and make an ideal companion for our children that will take them right through to adulthood.

If you’re looking forward to see the full scope of what Janoschik has to offer, simply drop by The Better Toy Store this week and check in with us!


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