Pick POKET : Rewards for Life!

Good news for all Better customers who have been accumulating their receipts in exchange for a VIP membership: With the introduction of our new Poket Rewards system, there is now a better solution to that!


1. Download the Poket app onto your smart phone and create an account.

2. If you are currently trying to accumulate your purchases in exchange for our membership, bring all your receipts down the next time you pay us a visit and our Better Staff will have them uploaded to your account. After that is done, no more physical receipts are needed; simply flash your phone every time you make a purchase and your transaction will automatically be added to the accumulated amount!

3. If you haven’t begun accumulating your receipts, then this is the best time to do so! With the Poket app, you won’t have to go through the hassle of carefully collating receipts from each and every purchase. Poket will help you to do so, fuss-free!


1. Download the Poket app onto your smart phone and create an account.

2. Your current physical membership card will still be valid for use at the store; but the next time you drop by, have our Better Staff verify your membership so you can get your very own e-card uploaded to your Poket account! With this e-card, there is no longer a need to bring around the physical card, and getting your membership discount will be as simple as flashing your phone at the counter!

3. As The Better Toy Store continues to progress with the Poket Rewards System, birthday vouchers, gift cards, store credit, and a whole host of other services, can easily be issued via this app; which means that you don’t have to worry about missing out on fantastic deals or discounts anymore!


Click on http://poket.com/rewards_card_mobile_app.html for more details on the new POKET Rewards System!


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