2013 GSS Highlights #5: PINTOY Pretend Play, HABA Knight Bench, Miriquidi Smoking Men!

Get more for less this GSS at The Better Toy Store! With a 10% to 50% discount on selected merchandise, this is the best time to stock up on those favorites of yours!

In our final GSS highlight of the month, we feature our last three choice deals that you will find impossible to resist! With less than 3 days left to the end of our sale, you’d want to head on down to our stores and check out the full scope of our fantastic sale!



PINTOY Washing Machine
Normal Price: SGD199.90
GSS Price (20% discount): SGD159.90
The Better Toy Store.

PINTOY Refrigerator
Normal Price: SGD229.90
GSS Price (20% discount): SGD183.90
The Better Toy Store.

 photo cornershelf_zps500f3159.jpg

PINTOY Corner Shelf
Normal Price: SGD110.90
GSS Price (50% discount): SGD55.45
The Better Toy Store

PINTOY Cooker Stove
Normal Price: SGD199.90
GSS Price (20% discount): SGD159.90
The Better Toy Store


PINTOY Shopping Cart
Normal Price: SGD99.90
GSS Price (50% discount): SGD49.95

PINTOY Doll’s Stroller
Normal Price: SGD99.90
GSS Price  (20% discount): SGD79.90
The Better Toy Store

PINTOY Doll’s Swinging Crib
Normal Price: SGD99.90
GSS Price (20% discount): SGD79.90
The Better Toy Store

PINTOY Doll’s Buggy
Normal Price: SGD79.90
GSS Price  (20% discount): SGD63.90
The Better Toy Store

 photo ironingboard_zps9fcf6bcc.jpg

PINTOY Ironing Board
Normal Price: SGD99.90
GSS Price (30% discount): SGD69.90
The Better Toy Store

Open the door to a world of possibilities with PINTOY’s exciting range of pretend play toys!

The process of pretending builds skills in many essential developmental areas, namely social, emotional, language, thinking, and of course, the sharpening of one’s creativity and imagination.  By providing your child with the opportunity to pretend, you are creating a platform for them to reenact a story and organize play, giving them space to learn and practice social situations, adult roles, and even challenging scenarios, all within the comforts of a safeguarded environment.

Enjoy a whopping 20-50% discount off the PINTOY’s pretend play items when you shop at The Better Toy Store this GSS!



 photo haba_zpsf718f2bd.jpg

HABA Knight Wardrobe+Bench
Normal Price: SGD899.00
GSS Price (30% discount): SGD629.30
The Better Kids’ Decor Store

This charming bench is grand as a stone castle and twice as comfy. With three foldable drawers that slide easily underneath the blue padded seat cushion, the bench provides not only comfort, but simple, stylish storage. The stately flag and hanging bag, ideal for all your pillaging treasures, we find to be an especially nice touch!



Smoker figurines were an item German miners used to produce, and typically looked like miniature reproductions of individuals that lived or worked in the region, such as bakers, anglers, cooks as well as the town folk themselves. One of Germany’s most well known Smoking Man crafters stem from the Miriquidi brand, who has perfected the making of these delicate incense smokers over the decades. Each one of their creations are based on a particular German figure and occupations, and have their  own unique attributes. Miriquidi and their smokers are known throughout the globe for having quality craftsmanship, know-how and giving great attention to every aspect. Enjoy a 10% discount off your very own Smoking Man when you get them from The Better Gift Store this GSS!

. X .

*Sale ends on the 30th June 2013.

** VIP Members get a $10 store voucher for every $100 spent in The Better Toy Store, The Better Kids’ Decor Store, and The Better Gift Store. These vouchers may be utilized between 1 July 2013 and 30 September 2013.

*** From the 22 – 30 June, VIP Members enjoy an additional 10% discount off all sale items!


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